Agency & Identity Project

A collaborative brief set at University to create a media based start-up agency and develop an identity via a “brand bible” for the company. Our group decided to create a company that works along side up and coming YouTubers that are establishing themselves on the platform. Our agency would provide them with script writers, make up artists, camera crews, directors and marketing teams to ensure their videos were a success. I took the opportunity to improve my web design skills by constructing our concept into a fully functional responsive website using HTML5, CSS and Javascript so it looks appealing on a range of screen sizes and maintains the simplistic clean aesthetic we followed throughout the project.

Take a look at the site here

View the Brand Bible here



The second part of the brief was to create an interactive screen installation that would be displayed in public outside the Marriott Hotel in Bournemouth. As a group we agreed that it would be most engaging to produce an interactive game. We used Processing to build it and it works by accessing a camera to identify the users movements. The screen is split into two sides and users on each side have to hit the green markers as they pop up, the aim is to raise the counter to 10 before the opposition. I created the video to demonstrate how this works.

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