Psychology Poster

I was approached by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in a local Community Learning Disability Team to produce some work for an upcoming ‘Meet the Team’ event. They wanted me to design two posters which outlined the stages a patient would typically expect to go through if the team was working with them. One poster was to be for the team in general and the second specifically for the Psychology team. They wanted a simple design that would be easy to follow, allowing people with Learning Disabilities to engage with it.

I was provided with the information that needed to be included and I designed the following:


Psychology Team

I decided to use the blue as the main colour as this corresponded with the typical NHS colours. I used the simplistic graphical convention of flat design to make it more accessible for a wider audience and to allow people to capture the essence of the poster without having to absorb too much information.


General Team Poster

The team were pleased with the standard of the work I had produced and both posters were used on the day. Since then other Learning Disability teams have asked for access to these posters so they can use them at a similar event.


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