UK obesity rates are extremely high and the cost of healthcare to treat the associated diseases is gradually rising. Now 5% of the total National Health Service’s spending is on obesity related illnesses (NHS, 2014).

Making people aware of calorie consumption and encouraging them to eat a well balanced diet and to exercise is essential in helping reduce this figure.


The Initial Concept
& User-Centered Design

"My graduate project sets out to solve the problem of people lacking motivation to monitor their daily consumption of calories. This shall be achieved through the design and development of a simplified, user-friendly mobile calorie counter application that incorporates a virtual pet avatar. The pet shall respond to the user's calorie intake either positively or negatively depending on the set daily goal."

Pictured is the design artefact I produced to show some consideration into the user interface of the proposed project.

Take a closer look here


Healthy Helpers

This was the promotional video I created for the product using Illustrator and After Effects. I maintained the graphical convention of flat design throughout the project, as through my research this appeared to be used to convey things as innocent, healthy and friendly.

The Website

I designed and developed a website to further promote and explain the concept of the application. This also incorporated some Javascript code to allow users to workout their recommended daily intake of calories based upon the inputs of their gender, weight, height and level of exercise.

Visit the site here


Healthy Helpers

This was the ten second video I was required to produce. It briefly shows the iOS app being used.

The Explanation

I had to create a poster to explain the concept and the functionality of the app.

The Final App Demonstration

Here is the iOS version of the app being used. The app was built using Adobe Phonegap meaning it runs natively on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Graduate Show

Below is an image of my final exhibition. The show allowed me to display and talk about my work to people from agencies in and around Bournemouth. I was able to demonstrate the app to them and speak about the concept development.

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